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Time for Poetry: Bully Immune

Mom pointed out this poem seems to come out of the blue. True. Just playing with writing and reflection. In 5th-8th grades I was severely bullied. Sad it happened but I'm ok. But it had a huge impact on my life and who I am today. So writing...reflecting. Bully Immune Memories bring me cold. The… Continue reading Time for Poetry: Bully Immune

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Time for Update: This Dang Whole 30 Diet

I believe I'm in day 25 of the 30 days. I haven't updated the blog with my progress because I quickly realized this diet is not very exciting to document. If I cooked and made exotic things that fit into the diet- that would be exciting. But instead, I do what I can each day to… Continue reading Time for Update: This Dang Whole 30 Diet

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Time to Remember: Alexander Lee

Four years ago today was the darkest moment of my life. The moment my sister's first child came into the world stillborn. The dark came in-without a warning- and it clouded over us- like a nightmare with no end. I'm not sure what was worse- the sadness and unjustifiable truth that Alexander was gone before… Continue reading Time to Remember: Alexander Lee