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Time for Reflection: Me Too

Me too. I don't identify sexual harassment and assault as only being experienced by women. I don't identify the assailant with always being a man. But what I do know, is it's prevalent and we live in a culture of "shame", secrecy, and disbelief. The "Me too" campaign has made me revisit some old haunts… Continue reading Time for Reflection: Me Too

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Time for Motherhood: Finn at Three Months

Finley James is 3 months old today. It's hard to believe! But his cheeks have filled out, his legs are a little bit stronger, and he smiles so much more. This past month... He experienced his first "camping trip" and night away from home... He moved out of swaddle wear and into sleep sacks... He's… Continue reading Time for Motherhood: Finn at Three Months