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Time for Gratitude: November 29th, 2017

Today I’m grateful for pets.

This morning as I drove to drop Finn off, I saw a woman walking with her dog slung across her shoulder. I’m hoping nothing was wrong with the dog and he was just tired of walking. She was a dutiful pet owner and he was restful, trusting her to take him where he needed to go.

My animals are my sanity, my peace, and hold huge pieces of my heart. I’d carry them anywhere.

Both Riley and Milo have been so patient with me since Finley was born. When I say patient, I use that term loosely- they both demand food and attention constantly. But they are patient in that things have changed. I can’t cuddle Riley nearly as much as I used to cuddle him. I can’t always lift him when Finley is already in my arms. I come home harried and rushing to get bottles done and dinner started before Finn and Tim arrive. I have to move Milo when he is sitting in the seat where I pump and feed Finn. I can no longer rearrange the whole seating arrangement because Milo decided to sit somewhere. But they’ve been patient. And even with all these changes, they still love me.

Milo no longer runs when he hears Finn cry. Riley dutifully stays by Finley’s side when he is fussing or making noise in the nursery. Riley patently follows us from room to room- waiting for us to settle down. And they are always waiting by the door when we get home, always so happy to see us. Even when I’m tired, weary from the day, or distracted- they greet me with unconditional love.

So many things have changed in the last five months. But what hasn’t changed is the huge place in my heart that is taken forever by the pets I have had in my life- each special in their own unique ways.

I am so grateful to share life with them.


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