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Time for Motherhood: Finn at Six Months

Finn is now six months. Six months!

In the beginning, I thought by six months I’d be an exceptional parent and pretty much know everything there is to know. Now I know the truth- not a chance. I may never know.

We had our first Christmas together. It was a strange one with ice, illnesses, and obliviousness, but it was good to have him next to us.


Sleep is still elusive. His bedtimes hover around 9:30 even when I start to put him to bed at 6:30. He without fail falls asleep in the car.



He loves to take baths and is starting to pay attention to the sounds and sights of water.

Finn loves silly sounds – both hearing and making them. He also likes the “Farmer’s Insurance” theme song. He thinks it is quite entertaining.


We have now had our first solid foods: bananas, sweet potatoes, and green beans (loves them), and pears and apples (not a fan of them- much to his mother’s chagrin).


He can now sit in his highchair which has been a game changer. We can now sit him down and with lots of multi-tasking, can feed him and entertain him while we cook/prepare bottles.


He also is now starting to hold his own bottle. Not well, but trying.

He’s a thumbsucker.


He’s becoming increasingly aware of Riley Pug and Milo cat. He smiles at them and tries to talk to them.


Still in love with our baby Finn. More so everyday.



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