What Time Is it?

This blog is a work in progress…

It started as a blog for Tim and Nina’s business, “SmithWriters”. The website was provided as a show of support by Trish and Travis (Nina’s sister and brother-in-law). But, as Nina and Tim became more and more busy with their individual jobs and other responsibilities- they left the business behind.

Nina (9a) decided to use this medium as a way to write. It’s not quite a journal- she won’t write anything too horribly embarrassing or personal. It’s not a marketing website in that 9a doesn’t expect she’ll get business or attention from it. But, it’s just a space where 9a can write.

As a steadfast introvert, 9a doesn’t share much of herself in public venues. Those who are the closest to her will hear her stories or sense of humor as she feels comfortable. But for those who are the closest and safe enough for her to share parts of herself- they know the gal just can’t shut up.

So, this is a way for her to tell her stories, her observations, her adventures, and her thoughts. It’s a place where her nieces and nephew can hopefully visit one day and realize what a bizarre Auntie they all share.

9a isn’t expecting a large audience of readers- but for those who meander to this page – welcome to 9a Clock!



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